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We are committed to the care and improvement to enrich the Nepali lives. The purpose of the website is to offer Nepalese with alternatives to finding love apart from the usual means. We are accustomed to going with the option  which is easily available. The website seeks to give its patrons an option to look for love proactively with the help of technology.


To create one single melting pot where all ages, races, physical abilities, preferences and backgrounds are treated with dignity and respect. Though the site has enabled the features to filter the profiles based on mother tongue, caste, religion etc; with the consideration that lots of us still won’t venture out of the social boundaries. Shubabibaha respects the perception and at the same time emphasis to broaden your horizon.


Strengthen the Nepali community and ensure that Nepali traditions and cultures are sustained for generations to come. We are a proud country to have such a wide diversed community and rich traditions. There is a lot of room for tolerance and harmony in between the communities and within the community. Whereas others have learnt and excelled. We are still lagging behind.  We are all “NEPALI” first followed by the rest of our beliefs.


Serve as a platform to bring out the issues of our society which would otherwise left untouched.  As a duty of care to each Nepali, we want to be stubborn in changing our views more liberally and with compassion. Every human being possesses a good heart. Lets view re-marriage, divorce, indifference in caste, intermarriage with more open mind for the sake of courtesy to fellow Nepali, a fellow human being.


Respecting and valuing the unique strengths and cultural differences of our communities.  Our past is the testimony that we can live together peacefully in harmony. We recognize that when diversity and inclusion are respected, The outcome is a positive community image.We are dedicated to creating the society that respects and values people from diverse backgrounds. 

Understanding the requirement for the means of communication between the prospective bride and groom is what prompted the launch of   Nepalese communities  at home and living overseas for a better life have made good achievements but in the process leaving less time for romance and love. The objective of the website is to combine technology to help you in your pursuit; While still adhering to our rich N...

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