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Mission Statement

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In pursuit of our mission we believe the following value statements are essentials to

We work hard to understand your objectives for joining this website. Then create the website based on your requirement to best serve your purpose.  The website concentrates on those who have exhausted other avenues of finding a match such as friends, family, match maker, bad luck or just all too common leaving up to the chance but has not happened yet. Everybody deserves the chance to love and to be loved by someone special. Subhabibaha wants to help you find that person for you.


Help bring back love in your life that may have been lost due to various circumstances. Break-up, divorce etc are sad but true fact of our lives.  Subhabibaha would like to give you the second shot at your life to overcome your difficult situation. When life has not been wonderful as it should be for all; is there by your side as a sign of hope.


Exceed our member’s expectation, efficiently serving our community and individuals. We understand what is expected from a matrimonial site. We also understand the very people of Nepal we are serving. It is a special common playground we have created for all Nepalese living at home or overseas. Our passion is to touch the lives of all coming to us providing them with the best available match.


We are the advocates and believe through our mission statement that we can and will transform the marriage system of Nepal. One single biggest fear or flaw with the traditional means of getting married is that; what kind of person will he/she turn out to be afterwards. Determining the person is right choice can be a difficult thing to do when there has been very little prior communication.These are some of the challenges we fare. Our culture reflects the realities of the people.  With patience and desire we believe we can change the system.


Lastly, we pledge to treat one another with loyalty, respect and dignity. Please bear in mind that duty of care for the person you are communicating is never compromised for convenience. We care deeply about each individual who have invested time on this website seeking love and happiness.

Understanding the requirement for the means of communication between the prospective bride and groom is what prompted the launch of   Nepalese communities  at home and living overseas for a better life have made good achievements but in the process leaving less time for romance and love. The objective of the website is to combine technology to help you in your pursuit; While still adhering to our rich N...

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